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Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog!

I am a blogger, influencer, and photographer based in Los Angeles, located in the sunny state California, USA. As much as I love to go out and go on adventures, I need time for myself and just relax. I do so by listening to music, journal, and just doodle around.

I started blogging mainly as a leisurely outlet back in November 2014 on www.lepetittato.wordpress.com. I wanted a centralized space where I can just write away while showcasing my photography skills. However as time went by, I found that there are some tips and reviews at may be helpful for you too! So that is why I took a leap and created www.lepetittato.com. Through le Petit Tato, I hope to share amazing places, events, stories, and moments with you.

Join me here at le Petit Tato on this life journey. I will be sharing the things that make me (and hopefully you) happy, the things that help me overcome my fears and failures, and the things that can help make our trips better and easier. I hope you find love, joy, gratefulness in your every day life – even in the very little things. God has showered happiness in everything so that we may enjoy our lives as we continue to glorify His name.

Remember to follow me on instagram @lepetittato! OH! I almost forgot, did I mention I was a car enthusiast? If you are a car fanatic like me, follow me at @adventato (this is where my cars pictures will be at!) See you around!



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