Falling for Rosemary // Autumn DIYs + Inspirations

It’s thyme to reflect and thank those around you!

Happy Friday everyone! The festive holidays are just around the corner. Can you believe it’s going to be November already? That means Thanksgiving is coming! For this week’s Friday Finds, I gathered up 5 autumn ideas for you. The main ingredient is rosemary.

Rosemary is used in many festive parties as part of a dish as well as tabletop decorations. It is one of the most aromatic herbs out there. The needle like leaves have a tea-like aroma and a piney flavor.

1. LEMON ROSEMARY CHICKEN rosemary chicken

Want to try something different this year and go chicken instead of turkey? This is a excellent and delicious alternative! Not only is this an easy recipe, it’ll bring great smells into your kitchen! (link to recipe)


Rosemaries are great for table settings. Add sprigs of rosemary on top of each napkin and tie them with a leather strap. Opt for muted, earthy tablescape with hits of fall. (link to inspiration)


Holidays calls for celebration! Get festive with the 2 following drinks!

The rosemary greyhound is a refreshing and sweet cocktail that has grapefruit juice and rosemary syrup. (link to recipe)

An alternative to an alcoholic drink is the rosemary lavender lemonade! (link to recipe)


Make these rosemary wreath, and instead of using them as place cards you can place a candle inside the circle! There you go a little rosemary candle decors! (link to DIY)


You can’t go wrong adding green to your centerpiece. (link to inspiration)

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Hope you all like this roundup of Friday Finds! Who’s ready for November?

Author: Jenn Lui

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